99 Dua Camel Bone Prayer Beads Kuka Deve Tasbih Tesbih Tasbeeh Dhikr Zikr 533

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Prayer Beads 99 Dua Camel Bone Prayer Beads combined with Coquilla Nut (Kokka/Kuka), Tasbih Deve Kemik Tesbih, Ramadan Tasbeeh Dhikr Zikr

An authentic gift for yourself or important ones with 99 beads, one imame (The long piece marking the beginning of the string is called "imame" (pronounced ee-mameh). This exquisite Turkish style tasbih is made with 99 beads. The material used is Camel Bone with Coquilla Nut variant (Kokka/Kuka). (For Turkish speakers: Kuka deve kemik kombin tesbihtir. Simdiden hayirli olsun.)


Beads Material Camel Bone (Deve Kemik) with Coquilla Nut (Kokka/Kuka)
Beads Count 99
Beads Shape As seen
Beads Size 7.5 x 5.5 mm (+/- %10)
Imame Size 40.0 mm (+/- %10)
Tactile Qualities Relaxing and Cool

Prayer Beads (aka Tasbih, Tasbeeh, Tesbih, Rosary, Worry Beads, Komboloi, Misbaha, Subḥa, Tespih, Mala, تَسْبِيح, سُبْحَة, مِسْبَحَة)

A string of prayer beads that is carried around by many people, used either as a companion to keep track of how many prayers have been said or as a fashionable and prestigious accessory for relaxation, cutting down on smoking, doing tricks, keeping your hands busy and as an expensive status symbol.

We take pride in compiling a unique collection of prayer beads which is the perfect embodiment of centuries-old Turkish craftsmanship. Materials we use to make prayer beads vary. They can be crafted from wood, bone, amber, gold, silver or many kinds of gemstones. To complete one hand-mand tasbih takes at least three days and months for certain models.

Our unique collection of prayer beads is the embodiment of centuries-old craftsmanship by Turkish tasbih makers. We use lots of natural materials to make our prayer beads, like millions of years old fossilized tree resins (amber), mineraloids (jet stone), other gemstones and natural stones, various natural stones, beautiful wood, and glamorous silver and gold. We believe tasbihs are full of life and they witness your every moment and live your life with you, and our intention is to make them as special as possible for you, continuing this craftsmanship for more generations to come.